Philips S4807 Rugged Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Bluetooth Multipoint Connection

Philips S4807 is here to boost your stamina and fuel your adventures. Solidly built and rigorously tested to meet an IP67 rating, this portable Bluetooth speaker is more than rugged enough to cope with a day at the beach. It delivers great sound, whether perched on a paddle board, hung from a tent, or clipped to one’s backpack halfway up a dusty mountain trail. Dual passive radiators offer surprisingly bold bass, given the compact size of this speaker. You can connect it to your smartphone and tablet simultaneously, or pair it with an identical twin for room-rocking stereo sound. 12hrs of playtime is more than enough for a perfect picnic by the sun-kissed lake. Just grab and go.

  • SMALL FOOTPRINT, IMPRESSIVE SOUND: Roughly the size of a water bottle and wrapped in a rugged, funky looking shell, this portable speaker will surprise you with rich sound and punching bass.
  • TOUGHEST OF THEM ALL: With an IP67 rating, Philips S4807 is ready to explore the world with you. Water and sand won’t drown your music, and a lanyard strap makes it easy to carry your speaker anywhere.
  • FUEL YOUR DAY: You get up to 12 hours of playtime from a fully charged speaker, more than enough for a workout or a party around the campfire.
  • SEAMLESS STREAMING WITH BLUETOOTH MULTIPOINT CONNECTION: You can connect up to two smart devices to this speaker simultaneously — and take turns pumping up the tunes. If a call comes in, the built-in mic lets you take it without disconnecting your phone from the speaker.
  • ELEVATE THE FUN: No matter where you go, you can always surround yourself with party-starting stereo by pairing this speaker with a twin.
  • NEVER MISS A BEAT: Buttons on the speaker’s outer case let you control volume, music playback, stereo pairing, and Bluetooth. Press and hold the play/pause button to talk to your voice assistant.




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